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Monster Superstar Bluetooth Speaker

The Monster Superstar Bluetooth Speaker is compact but delivers a high level of sound output. It’s equipped with a microphone allowing clear conference calls to take place. The Monster Superstar speaker is small enough to fit in a pocket, a backpack or a briefcase. This product comes with two front full-range drivers as well as front and rear bass drivers. This portable Bluetooth speaker features volume adjustment buttons and can easily be adjusted up or down. It easily syncs with most mobile devices and can be used at a distance effectively. Use it to play music at home or on the go and enhance the sound output of your devices wherever you like. This versatile device makes a good gift and is a handy accessory to have on hand. <br>

Monster QuickLock MKII Gold Banana Connectors

Monster QuickLock MKII Gold Banana Connectors are designed to supplement your audio system with secure, crimpless connections. They can additionally protect your valuable cables against corrosion and deterioration, extending their usage. These connectors can help you get the most out of your audio system and enhance the reliability of your connections. Whether you’re a DJ setting up a professional speaker setup or a hobbyist looking to upgrade a home entertainment system, Monster QuickLock MKII Gold Banana Connectors are an ideal choice.